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Caring in the Age of Finance: How Financialization is Transforming the Hospital Industry, and How to Fight Back

This course will analyze impact of “financialization” in the hospital industry, which refers both to the growing influence of outside investors and to hospitals prioritizing their own investments over patient care. We will examine the consequences of financialization for patients, nurses, and communities, including surprise billing practices, inflated executive pay, hospital closures, and the skyrocketing cost of care.

Financialization has come at the expense of patient care and safe working environments for nurses. This course will consider how financialization left hospitals woefully unprepared for the pandemic; how the industry has exploited the crisis to pursue more financialization; and how their actions have contributed to worsening gender and racial health disparities. We will conclude by looking at how nurses are using their collective power to fight back against this financialization of the hospital industry and for patient-centered care at the bedside and beyond.


  • Understand the political and economic forces driving financialization in the hospital industry.
  • Identify specific examples of financialization in health care and describe the detrimental impacts on patients and nurses.
  • Explore how nurses can fight to protect their patients from these trends

Instructors: Omid Mohamadi

Course Details:

This will be a 2-hour online class via Zoom for 2 hours of continuing education credits. After registering, you will receive an invitation to the Zoom class via email. It is important that you respond to the invitation and register for the Zoom class prior to the day of the class.

CE courses are free to National Nurses United members. Classes are only offered to direct-care and staff RNs.

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