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Covid-19 and the Crisis of Care Work

Covid-19 has revealed how care work is both essential to our society and yet severely devalued under capitalism. The devaluation of care work puts the lives of nurses and other care workers at risk by putting profits above workplace protections like PPE and safe staffing, and it contributes to the broader divestment from public health that makes our communities vulnerable to public health threats like Covid-19. This course will explore the central role of care work in our society, how and why this work is gendered and racialized, and the ways in which care work and care provisions, particularly healthcare, have been cheapened and dismantled. We will consider how the devaluation of care magnified the impact of Covid-19 and how the pandemic is being exploited to expand this devaluation and further erode public health. Finally, we will consider the opportunities the current crisis offers for envisioning and creating a world based on care rather than profit.


  • Link issues nurses are facing during the pandemic to larger social and economic conditions that devalue care work and erode public health
  • Articulate how structural racism and gender oppression contribute to the devaluation and exploitation of care workers
  • Perceive how the pandemic offers both challenges and opportunities for fighting the devaluation of care work

Instructor: Kel Montalvo-Quinones

Course Details:

This will be a 1-hour online class via Zoom for 1 hour of continuing education credits.

After registering, you will receive an invitation to the Zoom class via email. It is important that you respond to the invitation and register for the Zoom class prior to the day of the class.

CE courses are free to National Nurses United members. Classes are only offered to direct-care and staff RNs.

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