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Protecting Patients from Health Care Monopolies

Course Description

This course will analyze the factors driving hospital mergers and acquisitions and examine the impact of corporate consolidation on patients and nurses. Through different case studies, we will investigate the consequences of health care monopolies, including the closure of hospitals that serve poor, urban, and rural patients; the outsourcing of care; and systematic understaffing. This course will also show how nurses can fight back against health care monopolies by building collective power to create safer, healthier workplaces. We will conclude by exploring how nurses can continue to advocate for patients by growing and expanding their power and solidarity.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the causes of increasing hospital mergers and acquisitions, as well as their impact on health and safety in nurses’ workplaces.
  • Explain how health care monopolies have exacerbated preexisting health disparities and impacted access to care for underserved patients.
  • Explore how nurses can use their collective strength to respond to concentrated corporate power and fight for health justice within the hospital industry and beyond.

Instructor: Omid Mohamadi

Course Details:

This will be a 3-hour online class via Zoom for 3 hours of continuing education credits.

You will receive an invitation to the Zoom class via email approximately 1 week prior to the event date. It is important that you respond to the invitation and register for the Zoom class prior to the day of the class.

CE courses are free to National Nurses United members. Classes are only offered to direct-care and staff RNs.

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