The health care industry must put patients over profits!

Instead of taking care of nurses, other health care workers, and our patients, the health care industry is spending millions of dollars to push patients out of the hospital so that it can make even bigger profits. Rather than admit patients, our hospitals intend to send them back home under remote supervision in a so-called "Hospital at Home" — or, as we call it, “Home All Alone” — patient-dumping scheme.

This venture will allow the health care industry to leave hospital beds empty, use outsourced, cheaper staff, and cut costs — all at the expense of patients and safe patient care.

That means patients will continue to pay high premiums but end up with significantly less nursing care! The health care industry has already made billions in profit during the pandemic. How much more do they need?

Use the form below to add your name to our petition to demand that the health care industry end all “Home All Alone” contracts and put our patients over their profits!

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    The “Home All Alone” patient-dumping scheme is extremely dangerous for patients. It keeps them far away from the ICU, OR, and from the nursing care they may need if their condition worsens. It overburdens family members who have no medical education, can't effectively respond to emergencies, and aren’t equipped to carry out medical care under pressure. Further, many people don’t know what constitutes a medical emergency significant enough to call 911.

    For many, it's a difficult decision to go to the emergency department. With the rising costs of health care, the cost of going to the ED can be enormous. So, when patients do make that decision, it's because they have a true emergency and require the best possible care.

    As nurses, as health care workers, we demand:
    • The health care industry must immediately end all “Home All Alone” contracts with groups like Medically Home, Dispatch Health, Cadence, WellSky, and others.
    • The health care industry must end outsourcing contracts, which jeopardize patient safety and violate our contract.
    • The health care industry must hire additional direct care nurses and other health care workers to staff according to patient acuity.
    • Nursing and other health care worker clinical judgment must be the cornerstone of patient care, not biased technologies and algorithms.