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Global Solidarity, Global Health, and Partnering with our Patients

This is a two-part, in-person CE Class from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (6 hours of CE credits). If you’re a UC nurse, an extra hour will be available from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Participants must be in attendance all day to receive the full 6 CEU CE credits, even if they have taken one of the classes prior to the sign-up date.

Part 1: Global Solidarity, Global Health


This course will analyze the global relationship between public health, nursing, and international solidarity among health care workers, their patients, and their communities. We will investigate how global issues such as the growing refugee crisis, environmental racism, climate change, and nurse migration all impact public health. This course will also show the international factors that shape the health, safety, and well-being of working people. We will conclude by exploring how principles of global solidarity can empower nurses to continue to advocate for patients and grow their collective power.


  • Identify the causes and consequences of key current international health crises as well as their impact on patients and nurses.
  • Explain how health disparities that patients experience in the United States are interlinked with global health inequalities.
  • Explore how nurses can use their collective strength to respond to these global challenges and fight for health justice across the world.

Instructor: Omid Mohamadi

Part 2: Partnering with our Patients: Nurses, Worker Power, and Health Justice


We know there is a strong correlation between unionization and improved health outcomes for workers. For nurses, this connection can also positively impact their patients. This course will analyze how union nurses have partnered with patients to respond to a radically changing health care system and economy. We will examine the growth of RNs’ collective power through decades of organizing and how these struggles have improved the health and welfare of nurses, patients, and communities across the country. We will also look at the broader history of unions in the U.S., examine current debates about the future of workers and unions, and identify reforms that would further empower nurses in the fight for workplace health and safety, high-quality patient care, and health justice in our communities.


  • Identify various collective resources that RNs can draw on to support their patient advocacy.
  • Explain the historic connections between unionization and improved health outcomes for workers and the broader public.
  • Explore how nurses can use their collective strength to advocate for their patients and their profession within the facility and beyond.

Instructor: Lynda Berg

Dates and Locations

Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Courtyard by Marriott
2481 Carmichael Drive
Chico, California 95928

Please note: CNA/NNOC/NNU is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and health of nurses, our patients, and our communities during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. All in-person course participants are required to be fully vaccinated, wear masks while indoors, and practice social distancing to the extent possible.

CE courses are free to National Nurses United members. Classes are only offered to direct-care and staff RNs.

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